Our Story

Hi. My name is Ray Lamse, and I am a massage therapist.
About 15 years ago, I was an athlete. I ate well, I exercised every day, and I slept well. I didn’t believe in massage therapy, for me. It took an accident to change my thinking. Let me tell you about it.

I was riding my Cannondale Hybrid Bike on a severe training ride, in the dark, because it was cooler. I needed to train at night because I could train harder by avoiding the harsh summer heat of the day. I adapted to night training by installing bright headlights and tail lights, with a large battery for power. I pushed myself that night…maintaining a speed over 20 mph. It was an adrenalin rush. The Tucson race was just a short time in the future and I wanted to do well.
Near the end of my workout, I was still pushing hard! I sprinted down the road on my way home. It was absolutely great…until…

I rode over a big bump, and the battery came out of its holders and found the way into my front wheel spokes. My body was propelled over the handlebars and I crashed to the pavement. It broke my left hand and wrist into many pieces!
I picked myself off from the ground, instantly saw that my L hand/wrist was broken, and examined my bike. The front forks were bent against the wheel. The bike could not roll. I splinted my L arm against my chest, and carried my bike over my R shoulder, about a mile, to find a phone to call my wife.
We went to ER and I had a splint placed under my L arm, from elbow to my finger-tips. It stayed that way for 1 month, while waiting for my insurance provider to find an ”in-network” surgeon to make the repairs.

I was put back together by an excellent hand surgeon, but he was hindered in his work, because he had to re-break my hand and arm, as it was not in ideal alignment. He had to scrape off all the new bone material that my body had made in order to repair the fractures, before he could pin and screw my parts back together.

I was helped by 6 weeks of physical therapy, but I was weak, and my left hand was not even close to what it had been. My range of motion was not good and my strength was poor. My hand resembled a claw that could grasp a soft ball, but nothing smaller. The physical therapists gave me basic abilities. I had no fine motor skills!

It was then that I discovered Massage Therapy. My wife, Ms Timmy Lamse, had started a massage practice a few years before…but I didn’t think that massage was for me.

That all changed, when my wife began giving me massage treatments. Ms Timmy began to massage my shoulder, then my upper arm, and then my forearm. She then massaged my wrist and hand. First, she gently massaged an area, to promote increased circulation and suppleness, and then she would give detailed treatment to each muscle and joint. It felt as though she attended to each fiber of my hand and wrist. Gradually, the muscles, tendons and ligaments became soft and balanced.

She was so skilled in her massage techniques that gradually I regained full use of my hand…regained my strength, and I became interested in becoming a massage therapist, so that I could help others, the way my wife had helped me.
I took many courses in massage, physiology and anatomy. Learning about stretching, posture alignment, and soft tissue health and healing became my passion.

I now help clients regain use of their bodies. I help them remove pain and joint restrictions. In short…I give people their lives back. They walk, bike, play tennis, Etc. They work without having energy-sapping pain take precious energy from their task.

Let me do the same for you. Let me help you have fun and experience your days without pain that distracts from the joy of living.

Ray Lamse